Today, people are looking for quality auto parts that are capable of enhancing their fuel efficiency or vehicle performance. Local car dealers across the US are continuing to raise prices of new OEM parts. Whether you live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Portland one should always look for remanufactured, custom quality products, which are priced much less than OEM parts.

You have to trust the car parts experts to get the body parts of your Ford Mustang or for that matter Ford Lightning 03-04 because these are muscle cars with sporty looks with a heavy power boost. The shapely and curvy cars go very well with sturdy front and rear bumpers and W/Fog Lamps are a top seller in everyone’s list.

An automative directory is a very important companion for any person who is interested in the information and news relating to the benefit of best automative parts. A car guide or car parts directory can explain you all the minute details that you need for its repair, maintenance and cleaning of supplies.

In cars like 03-04 SVT Cobra high impedance Fuel Injectors with a set of four or eight, depending on the model should be used but the Fuel Injectors flow must be matched to the air flow. There are also new Fuel Injectors which come with an EV6 connector eliminating the need of adapter. These cars must go for Mustang packages which include cooling, pulleys and kits, induction, exhaust, ignition and fuel, suspension, transmission, driveline, tuning, brakes and superchargers.

If you really want to dressup your Shelby Mustang, Mustang GT, Dodge Challenger or Ford Lightning with a set of performance while adding a stylish look to your interior, you should have to choose the best Autometer Gauges. These will add more power and style to your already prized possession.

One of the best bet is the Power programmer, including those developed by Hypertech and Hotchkis , fit right into the palm of your hand. Each programmer is custom developed for your make/model, so you must specify the vehicle. Popular vehicles that can benefit from tuning programmer include: Dodge Challenger , Dodge Charger , Mustang , Ford F-Series Pick ups, Corvette, Firebird and many full size pick up trucks like F-150 Harley Davidson.