Off-road vehicles are expected to look bold, tough, and more rugged than other cars. They usually come in big sizes and are commonly capable of handling heavy-duty and rough courses. It’s also not entirely surprising to see off-road cars sporting big modified accessories and rims. 24, 28, and 26 inch rims finance discounts for your car nowadays can make it much easier for people to afford a good set custom of wheels. This is why a lot of off-road car owners today can opt for a more customized fitting set of tires.

But how often do we even need to replace our rims? Even with more affordable wheels in the market, it doesn’t sound entirely practical to change our rims more often than we have to. Being a responsible off-road car owner means being able to maintain your car and optimize its performance. Knowing and doing what it takes to protect different parts of your car such as your big rims, can extend the life of your vehicle as a whole.

Here in Audio City, we have numerous ways to protect your wheels. With a little time and effort, you can even save money on buying another set of replacement rims.

Cleaning Your Big Rims

This is a simple and basic fact. Cleaning your rims after an off-road excursion is part of the maintenance process that extends the life of your wheels. By using a nice soft-bristled brush together with a good wheel cleaning product, you can remove the caked-up dirt between the nooks and crannies of your rims. Properly removing the dirt from your wheels can prevent damages and corrosion.

Apply A Layer of Wax

Waxing after cleaning adds a second layer of protection to your wheels. It also gives your wheels a nice sheen. It’s important to find the right waxing product that will be suitable for the finishing of your rims. Additionally, using a spray sealant after waxing may be ideal as it prevents the wax from drying out from the heat.

Apply Ceramic Coating

Using a ceramic coating product provides heat and chemical protection to your wheels. They are even said to be the best product in terms of wheel preservation. Applying ceramic coating also makes your next cleaning much easier. It’s important to note that they do not adhere well to bare metal or chrome finishes but you can always choose a metal coating product.

Reduce Air To Reduce Rock Rash

For plenty of off-roading enthusiasts, rock rash is a normal phenomenon that occurs in rugged terrains. By slightly deflating your tires, it allows your wheels to have wider coverage and better contact with the ground. It also helps if you choose tires that have a cross-section that is wider than the regular.

Match the Lift Kit According to your Wheel Size

If you’re driving an off-road vehicle, you’re usually expected to sport larger wheels. From 28 to 26 inch rims finance discounts that are now available in the market, getting huge rims are now more accessible. By matching your large wheels to higher suspension kits, it provides better handling and protection for your car as well. Moreover, higher lift kits create a more dramatic backdrop for your rims.